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Monday, March 28, 2011

In What Must I Believe?

As an open atheist, I am often asked the question "What is it the that you believe in?" That's easy, I believe in everything around me. The plants, the ground, the rocks, the things with which I am surrounded all of the time. I believe in those things. But this really never a satisfactory answer to such a question. People like normality, there is no escaping this. When people ask me what it is I believe in, they want so badly some way to associate themselves with me, and how I think. I'm sorry, but the truth is, that won't happen. We have fundamentally different ideas of truth. Your's spawns from something completely unrelated to my truth, and there is no way you will be able to pin down one major thing it is I believe.

To me, what exists in the reality before my eyes is enough to satisfy my hunger for the incredible. In fact, I think that not always knowing is part of the fun in life. For instance, if I was to fall in love with a wonderful person, I would enjoy not knowing why that is. It is a grand mystery that I might not ever figure out. I like not knowing why some things are. It is humbling not being able to explain everything away like the swat of a fly with a fit-all response. That to me is just boring.
Above is a picture of my little brother. He is very possibly the most dear thing to me in the world. Is this an answer to your question? I believe in him, he is a tangible thing who when loved, is affected by it, and I can see it. It brings a tears to my eyes wanting to hang out with him but not being able to, this is how much I love him. And I will not allow you to look me in the eye and tell me that I am wrong for making him the recipient of my love. Unlike your god, I can see when he is in pain, or suffering, and in the contrary, I can see when he is happy. I can have a direct influence on that happiness. If it still doesn't make any sense, I believe in people. People are here, and there will always be room for love. Never will the day come when people won't want to be loved. People are powerful, I think that as a unit, we can do great things.
I don't believe in invisible beings, and I might not ever. If that is not all copacetic with you, I am giving you a respectful command to leave my life. My life, and the lives of those about whom I care, are far more important than your magic man in the sky. I owe it to my world and those living on it all of the love and respect I can muster up. I have no love to give to your god, and like I said, if you can't accept that I think people are more important that, you have permission to leave my life, because I don't need you.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Obvious Hidden Meaning

As I sit here in the comfort of my single room, contemplating the sanity of those who are supposed to be superior and more knowledgeable than myself. I wonder, when was it when people decided that things no longer just mean what they mean. When was the time when someone looked at the words in some novel and said to themselves, "Self, when the author writes 'he swam upstream to save the only person left in his life who meant something to him,' that really is a metaphor meaning something completely different. In fact, I am willing to bet that this novel isn't even about this heroic character who went through hell and managed to come out on the other side with only minor scrapes and bruises. It is about man's struggle for happiness, and what we will do to get it." BULL FUCKING SHIT. Who was the asshole who started reading shit and making things up about it, and what the fuck was he smoking, because I want some. Seriously, who thinks of this shit? What would you think of me if you were a cashier at Starbucks, and upon completion of my order you said to me, "Sir that will be $2.75 for your coffee." And in response I handed you a 50 cent piece, and proceeded to the counter to retrieve what I had just purchased. Would you be slightly baffled at my terrible math skills? Would you wonder why in the world I had just been so rude? But why? Why would you think so badly of me? Obviously you just lack the intelligence to see what I see, the 50 cent piece isn't really a 50 cent piece, it has more meaning than that. It is worth far more than the $2.75 m coffee was worth. In fact, I feel that I should have received change for my payment, because why? Because in the year 2011, things aren't worth what they are worth. Things aren't what they actually are.

I am forced to sit in a chair, being talked at by some asshole who is trying to tell me that the only way we know how to communicate clearly, is saying something other than what it says. And to that I say you are out of your damn mind. You need to take a real class and get the hell out of the Humanities building. Look i will be the first to admit that writing can indeed reflect content. But when you begin to tell me that something is there, and you can see it, but i can't. That just means that you are insane, and need to be put somewhere safe wherein you cannot infect young minds and create more terrible people like yourself to walk this earth next to me and expect me to call you my fellow man. No, I disrespectfully refuse your offer, return from whence you came and take your make-believe fairy world and shove it. This is earth, things are what they are. A dollar is a dollar, a watch is a watch. I am Austin, and you are an idiot.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Sowry!

So I haven't posted anything for quite some time now, and I am sorry :( But I though I would bring good news! I am doing vlog posts :D So I am going to try to post my vlogs on this website for you all to watch! Much love :D

Monday, September 20, 2010

On Relationship Progression

This past weekend (yesterday in fact), I went to lunch with a person I met in Algebra. I hate to speak for someone else but I would assume that she had a fine lunch because I did. Anyway, it was some other people's comments that got me thinking about this. I went to lunch with a person, and she happened to be of the opposite gender, but what if I had gone to lunch with a dude? Would everyone and their grandmother assume that I was looking to get into a dude's pants had I have gone to lunch with a guy on my floor instead? I think not. But in fact when I returned from my lunch I received many comments about the attractiveness of my "date." This bothered me slightly because, it wasn't a date. And it brought to my attention the fact that many people have a different concept of dating than I do, and to demonstrate this I will use a little bit of logic. My idea of relationship progression is as follows, accepting "A" as Friendship, "B" as Exclusiveness, and "C" as Love towards one another. If and only if A then B, and if B then C. This being: One can't really be logically exclusive towards someone who is not a friend, and B and C I suppose can switch spots without harming my argument because my point is this: mustn't one become friends with a person before they are in an exclusive relationship and/or in love? I think so, never have I thought that dating was something you did with complete strangers, never did I think that two people should "love" each other or have an exclusive relationship with one another before they became friends. Is that not what love is? Do those in an exclusive relationship not value their relationship with each other more than those relationships with every other friend? This just made no sense to me. Moreover the poor girl felt the need to tell me that she wasn't looking for anything more than friendship. I felt terrible, she should never have to put herself in an uncomfortable position and tell me or anyone that after going to lunch once. Friends go to lunch all the time and in our case we went to lunch to better our knowledge of one another, because that's how you make friends!

In conclusion: two persons must first become friends, before they might become lovers.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Bottoms of Your Nikes Don't Exist

Q: If there was such a machine that broke you down into singular atoms, beamed them somewhere, and put them all back together in perfect order, would you step into the machine?

One of my best friends asked me this question a few years back and what I have found is that it is a great way to determine whether or not people believe in souls or not, in particular theirs. Most of the time those who show concern or doubt about this process answer with the following: No, because I would be concerned about losing my memories and thoughts. They are concerned about being a useless vegetable when they pop out at the other end.
My stance on this is yes of course because I believe that all my memories are simply processes that can be exactly replicated if the things from which they are composed are put back the way they were before and change. To put that plainly I don't believe in the concept of souls or anything above the mechanical processes of nature. I am curious as to what you all think about this. Please e-mail me at with responses to the question posted above. I would also like to promote my Facebook Page which you can get to via this address:!/group.php?gid=363676213072&ref=ts Have a good weekend everyone!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Searching for Kings in the Last Frontier

A few short weeks ago my father and I took a trip to the great state of Alaska, (much greater than Texas, just or the record) and there we fished. But before going on about standing on a boat for days at a time I suppose I will give you a short background. My dad, a Ford dealer in California, won a trip to go to Alaska fishing with various other California Ford dealers who sold a certain amount of vehicles. Now naturally any father would want to bring his very favorite son along with him, so he asked me if I at all wished to accompany him on such a trip, and I gladly accepted.
Now I don't know if any of you know much about car dealers, but they are a pretty homogenized group of guys, what I mean is that they are all pretty much the same dude with a few years of age and experience being the only variance in the set. The tend to like gaudy jewelry, they seem to never quite understand the concept of matching clothing and more often than not they enjoy partying (getting drunk, again and again, and again), a lot. So of course I was stoked to join such a diverse group of people on a fishing trip in Alaska.
We left our home early in the morning to drive to the private airport just about 1.5 hours away. After we arrived the egos, I mean car dealers, began trickling in through the doors. Shortly after our scheduled departing time it was made public to us travelers that the plane would be delayed because of an fuel pump issue, and we would therefore not be getting to Alaska on time. Since space, time and all universal forces obviously revolve around car dealers, there were quite a few egos, I mean car dealers, who were not so happy about it. And this was humorous.
But not to worry! Soon thereafter and much to the joy of the passengers, we departed on our merry way to Alaska. Alcohol was paid for by Ford Motor Company on this flight and there were few who didn't take advantage of such a lovely thing. In fact I think it is reasonable to say that some certain two people sitting in front of me were hammered the entire trip.
Upon arrival we were slightly disappointed to find out that we couldn't fish that day because we were far too late, so the masses rather quickly made their way to the bar. If by any chance none of you have ever found yourself in an Alaskan bar, it is something I highly recommend doing at least once in your life. Smoking is of course legal inside up there in the Canadian state so be warned. Other than this trivial matter, Alaskan bars are ful of the kind of people you'd think they would be full of. Fishermen and all around manly-men. I like these people, they wear beards on the face and boots on the feet and never even flinch in the face of pain, danger or even death. They are badass, and someday I will be just like them.
Other than the obviously beautiful and lush Alaskan coast and the wonderfully tranquil yet unforgiving sea, the trip went as any good trip should go. We caught fish, ate food that would make kings envious and made dirty fishermenesque jokes about all kinds of stuff. This is a trip I would most certainly do again, and will someday like to take my loved ones on. Until then however I am at school, and will be writing for my blog whenever I have the time. I still lack reader comments regarding topics of future posts so feel free to e-mail me at or text me (760) 473-1917. Even though I am going to have more work to do than ever before, I will o my best to post entries about whatever you wish! But i can't do it without you. Thank you so very much to those who do read my blog, especially those who have been since the beginning. I wish you all a happy summer closure, and a rich school year! -Sionnix

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So I have this blog. And some people at least appear to be interested in it whether it be for their actual pleasure or good conscious. Regardless of reasons for having an entire following base of nearly 5 and a half people, I have been pondering the idea of whether or not to actually begin posting videos on my Youtube channel of nearly 3 years. I would be overjoyed if at least a few of you golden readers would give me a yay or nay on this concept. Personally I have always liked the idea of making videos on Youtube for all to see because hell, I am your average old narcissist who wants everybody to know what he thinks and how important those thoughts are to humanity. The obvious, obscure and sarcastic aside however I really would like to perhaps begin doing such things to maybe get more people to know about the blog via the vlog and vice versa. So to those of you who do read this, I love you all very much and thank you every morning when I wake up... Really I do, you mean a lot to me =D, I would absolutely, positively without-a-doubtedly love for you to tell me what you think of the idea. If you do, I encourage you to do so via e-mail: or by text message:(760) 473-1917 as those are the two media I check most often. Along with your yay or nay, an idea for the next blog post/vlog post would be highly appreciated! Thank you kindly my belov├ęd audience.-Sio